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Ecofriendly products >> Anti Pollution Mask Spray

Anti Pollution Mask Spray

We are supplying state of the art anti-pollution spray with mask patented in Japan.


  • Protects pollution up to highest level PM2.5.
  • Protects exhaust gas emanating from cars, trucks, etc.
  • Protects virus in air including flu, etc.
  • Protects pollen, toxic substances.

Proof: Spray blocks pollution from passing thru and will show on surface of mask in form of smoke color.


  • Apatite (used in toothpaste & cosmetics)
  • Dioxide Titanium (used in food white color)
  • Bacteria elimination liquid

Description: 1 handy spray of 20ml (size: height 9cm) and 3 pieces mask in box.


  • Press spray twice at a distance of 10cm on mask before wearing.
  • Spray will filter polluted air to breath clean air.
  • Shake well before spraying.
  • Wear mask starting from middle nose to cover nose and mouth as usual. Mask is light and comfortable.
  • Spray has no smell.
  • Effect 8 hours.
  • Good for about 100 times spray lasting about 50 days.
  • Any nonwoven mask can be used excepting gauze quality.
  • No age limit for use.

Ideal for use in traffic roads, crowded areas, industries, etc to avert inhaling polluted air and virus to remain healthy.


  • Shelf life 3 years

Origin : Japan

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