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      Made in Japan:  Japan Pat.No.2736243

Carbomax is a patented Japanese product which doubles the life span of a vehicle battery whether new or used battery.

For example, Car battery of 1500 cc- if Carbomax 100 cc is inserted, life of battery will increase twice as much or more by using once only.

This item is a patented product and is sold well in Japan.

Additional merits of Carbomax are :

  1. Usable on all types of lead storage batteries whether brand new or used ones.

  2. No environmental contamination exist. Does not contain any toxic substance.

  3. Brings stability on engine starting.

  4. Resolving brightness of headlight.

  5. Reducing sulfate.

Principle of Carbomax

When you pour Carbomax into your battery cell :

  1. Carbon is electrically absorbed on the pole plate of a lead battery and with this absorption of carbon, it prevents the deterioration of a pole plate (made of lead)at a minimum, protecting the pole plate as well.

  2. Minimizing sulfate (crystallized lead sulfate) adherent to the pole plate will lead to the extension of a battery life.

  3. Improving electrical conductivity will reduce burden on the battery liquid and restrain a rise in temperature of the battery liquid.


  1. Nominated as a remarkable patent by the Japan Patent Office in the patent registration.

  2. It is demonstrated that life of the battery doubles in experimental value by the collaboration with Nagoya university department of engineering.

  3. A good characteristic was recognized in the article examination in the associated company (an article inspection organization) of Sanyo Electric Co. Ltd.

Injection quantity

  Type of vehicle
Quantity of Carbomax injection
  Small vehicle
one cell area(cc)
six cell totals(cc)
60~120 cc
10~20 cc
60~120 cc
20~33 cc
120~200 cc
20~45 cc
120~270 cc
40~80 cc
240~480 cc
50~120 cc
300~720 cc
80~166 cc
480~1000 cc
40~80 cc
240~480 cc
50~100 cc
300~600 cc
50~100 cc
(24cell)1200~2400 cc
100~200 cc
(24cell)2400~4800 cc
200 cc~
(24cell)4800 cc~
  Vehicle(2000cc~)・diesel car
  Large sized special vehicle
  Large sized freight
  Large sized sightseeing bus
  Golf cart
  Battery car
  Electronic forklift (~1t)
  Electronic forklift (1~2t)
  Electronic forklift (2t~)

How to inject to your vehicle

There are six cells (injection mouth) and open all of it
Inject specified quantity to each battery cell
After injection close the cell cap
Electric Forklift
cell (injection mouth)
cell (injection mouth)

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