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Recycling machines >> Food waste

Food Waste

Food waste accumulation is an increasingly serious problem in the natural environment.

"Compo" is the solution to the problem.

"Compo" is a hermetic type fermentation processing machine (heat insulating) for agricultural industry.

Garbage discharged from general households, restaurants, animal discharge & plant residues and livestock excrement are collected and used for recycling.

Without the use of an incinerator, safe and quality organic compost is processed by fermenting city waste or manure using natural microbes. This compost allows you to create safe farm products.

"Compo" is also equipped with an excellent deodorizing feature installed.


  •  It prevents the emission of dioxins.
  •  It uses an aerobic fermentation involving microbes and does not generate dioxins by burning waste.
  •  Destroys Escherichia coil 0-157.
  •  Fermentation heat reaches 70 to 80 degrees. It destroys germs that have harmful effects on people.
  •  Consideration of odor problems for neighboring areas.
  •  It collects odor through one duct and deodorizes in the tank. Preventive measures for deodorizing are in place.
  •  It has single tank and can process large quantities of city waste.
  •  It proves powerful for the treatment of a large quantity of waste.
  •  High-quality organic compost.
  •  You can use your finished compost as a high-quality organic fertilizer.
  •  Small installation space.
  •  The composting area requires little space since our machine is a space-saving vertical type.
  •  Concentration is on durability and heat-insulation.
  •  The tank is a triple structure (inner wall: stainless steel, middle wall: heat insulating material, outer wall: iron).
  •  Using the oil supply motor.

Flow Chart of the processing machine:

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