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Construction materials>> Jal panel

Jal Panel

Jal stands for autoclaved lightweight concrete. JAL was initially developed in Europe and its technology was introduced to Japan in 1955. It has been perfected and technologically improved in Japan to fit in with any climatic condition. Now it is widely used from general houses to high-rise buildings.

The reason for its popularity include strong fire resistance, excellent insulation, lightness in weight and other excellent features.

  • Jal panel is lighter in weight and is a substitute to bricks.



  • It is available in various beautiful designs giving out an elegant glow to homes and high-rise sky scraper buildings.

Designs & Patterns


Advantages of Jal panel

  • Eco friendly product.
  • Improves efficiency, and shortens the construction schedule.
  • Structure of the building remains uniformed.
  • Lightweight properties.
  • Heat resistant, earthquake-resistant, sound proof, water and weather resistant.
  • Jal also contains fire proof material & has insulation.
  • Keeps building cool.
  • Energy conservation.
  • High Durability.

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