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Ecofriendly products >> Deomax


Deomax is a patented Japanese technology which combats odor from small to the biggest rubbish dumps.

Deomax is available in various forms:

A- Deomax Concentrated Liquid (DCL)

Product Outline:
  • DCL is non chemical Green Environmental product.
  • DCL removes bacteria and eradicates dirty smell for clean and healthy living.
  • DCL itself has no smell but it expels any bad odor.
  • DCL is harmless not only to humans but also to animal, fish and plants.

  • DCL degrades organic materials. For example Oils and Fats, Proteins, Ammonia.
  • DCL has high proliferative abilities whereby it consumes pathogenic bacteria in toilets, swimming pools, indoor gyms, locker rooms, hospitals etc.

  • CAS No. 63800-37-3 H2O3Si·xH2O·2/3Mg
  • CAS No: 09001-62-1
  • Mixed in Distilled water.
Usage Instructions:

Mix 5cc DCL in 3 Liters of regular water. This liquid solution can be sprayed anywhere to eradicate odor and bacteria.

To start with, spray the liquid on the walls, roof and surrounding areas of a smelly place to remove accumulated odor.

For Urinal usage:

2 Liters liquid solution should be drained in each urinal. After 5-10 min  it needs to be flushed off with regular water. This will kill all the accumulated bacteria/smell in the pipe after which the bathroom needs to be regularly Sprayed on and around the urinal. 

  • 5cc DCL Liquid = 3 Liters Liquid solution
  • 1liter (1000 cc ) concentrated = 600 liters liquid solution 

Packing : 1 Drum = 20 Liters DCL

Shelf Life: 1 Year

Storage Conditions: Below 35ºC

Exported to : Australia, China, Taiwan, etc.

Customers in Japan : Japan Railway Stations, Hanshin Railway Stations, Various Elementary Schools, Mens Toilets, Stadiums, Malls, Hospitals, etc.



B- Deomax - R

Deomax - R : Rock form; used in wet areas.

Deomax - R is used to eradicate odor from rivers, lakes, farming waters; all sort of filthy water and sewage muddy substances.



C- Deomax - P

Deomax - P : Pellet form; used in dry areas.

P is used to remove odor inside the fridges, toilets, hospitals etc.

Garbage container


D- Deomax - BS

Deomax - BS : Soil ; used in dry & shallow water areas.

Deomax –BS is used to remove odor from garbage, pond, etc.


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