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Ecofriendly products >> Super Sand

Super Sand

(Single grain of sand – raw rock grain)


Super sand is a new state of the art technology from Japan to make safe and fast strong pavements.


  • Gardens
  • Parking lots
  • Cemeteries
  • Churchyards
  • Median strips
  • Promenades, etc


1) Material / Developing new sand

Single grain of sand (raw rock) is the main material. It has comparably high/ better strength than other product whose main raw material is natural sand soil. This is because of the high strength that raw rock grain has. It brings better weather resistance after construction, by balanced mixing with other raw materials.

2) Ease and safe / Concerning to the environment

Own production, sterilize with high temperature, drying and controlling the size of grain (above 90% of 2 sieve screen), could remove organic matter and it realizes high quality products. There is NO synthetic resin.

3) Natural & fine finishing / Consider the scenery

Super sand is close to the natural pavement in color and quality surroundings.

4) Easy construction / No need of press & mixing.

Super sand doesn’t require the special press by paving machine nor mixing the water & other resins. Simply spread Super sand evenly and sprinkle water a few times. Thus, it is comparably easy handling even by non- experienced staff.

*) Finishing press may effective to the wider construction area.
**) May necessary to set – up the underlay properly.

Super sand’s effect

Prevent the weed / Countermeasure to the mud

Intercepting the sunshine by dense finishing (above 2N/2 ) may prevent growth of the weed. But it would not obstruct other plant.

Relief and restrain the heat

Super sand could keep the rain water (15%) more than that of asphalt or concrete. It restrains and relieves the heat by evaporating the water, especially hot summer season. Differences of the surface temperature may go up to 20° or more.

Art design

Draw your designs (before sprinkle) and fix it by the water.

Standard construction / paving process


Put aggregate and set up the pavement, May require to fix the frame.

Spreading Super sand

Set up Super sand evenly by tongs.


Wet and moist Super sand evenly, by sprinkling water. Control and keep surface wet and most by sprinkling. Standard at 2 ~ 4L/ pack

Cure and completion

Keep out and leave at least one full day. Check its solidness before use.

Standard Quantity: 20kg / pack

  • Thickness :3cm | 2.5pack/ m²
  • Thickness : 5cm | 4pack/ m²

Advantages of Super Sand

  • Eco-friendly product. It is safe to the environment since there is no synthetic resin in it.
  • It has better strength than any other product whose main raw materials is natural soil.
  • It gives natural fine finishing and matches to the air and surroundings well since it is close to the natural Pavement in color & quantity.
  • Easy construction. No need of press and mixing with other resins. Simply spread it evenly and sprinkle the water a few times.
  • It has low repulsive function and it makes people feel comfortable to walk on it. It is not as hard as concrete though it has high strength.
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